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At Kanektify Academy, we offer you the best Python training courses available. This job oriented training course is available to you in Online as well as Classroom training in Bangalore or in our other locations worldwide.

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Python Overview:

• Python is an integrated, high level, general purpose programming language, created by Guido Van Rossum.
• It is a multi-paradigm,  imperative, object-oriented language.
• Python was conceived in the late 1980s as a successor to the ABC language.
• Since 2003, Python has consistently ranked in the top ten most popular programming languages. As per the latest TIOBE Programming Community index, which tracks the popularity of programming languages, Python is currently at No. 3 and is constantly on the upswing.
• It was selected programming language of the year in 2007,2010,2018.
• It can serve as a scripting language for web applications.
• Python is becoming one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Uber have used Python to build their mobile and desktop applications.
• As per an article, “Be it Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Processing, Web Development, Enterprise Software Development or taking the photo of Blackhole: Python is everywhere”.
• No doubt, Python is one of the in-demand jobs out there globally and this is bound to exponentially increase day by day.

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What are you waiting for? Enroll with us now for a curated course in Python either Online or Classroom training in Bangalore and delivered by Industry experts. Stay ahead of the game.

Course Features

  • Duration45 hour
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish

Job Roles :

  1. Python Development Engineer
  2. Gaming Developer - Python
  3. Python Backend Developer
  4. C++-Python Developer
  5. Python Django engineer
  6. Python Automation Engg
  7. Python Full Stack Developer
  8. Cloud Engg – Python
  9. Application Developer with PySpark
  10. Micro Services Developer with Java/Python

Companies Hiring :

  1. Eliassen Group
  2. Deloitte
  3. CloudSEK
  4. L&T Technology Services
  5. DELL Inc
  6. Amazon
  7. Banyan Data Services
  8. JP Morgan
  9. JP Morgan
  10. Hyde
  11. Mindtree
  12. Accenture

Salary Band :

  1. Entry Level: 3L – 8L
  2. Mid-Level: 7L – 15L

  • Instructor led - Classroom or Online sessions
  • Practical Assignments
  • Real life projects and case studies
  • Lifetime access to study materials, presentations, guides etc
  • Weekday or Weekend batches.
  • Certification
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